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Our Vision, Mission and Values


To assist seniors to lead a rich and fulfilling life through the provision of responsible, individualised in-home care service.


Cura In-home Care:

  • is a niche home care and social services provider;
  • appreciates its CALD provider heritage and specialises in service delivery which understands and caters for the diversity of clients;
  • will expand its services to the wider community;
  • offers a personal touch and caters to the diversity of our clients.


Cura’s values underpin relationships and behaviour and they establish ‘the way we work’ at Cura. Workers are expected to embody these values at work.

  • ensuring effective flow of information in and out of Cura;
  • information is timely and accurate and is in a form that is understandable by the client.
  • ensuring the focus on the individual person;
  • the environment in which we operate so we can provide best value for money.
  • each person as unique and an individual of value;
  • each person has the right to exercise choice and have control over the matters which affect them including decisions about all aspects of the services they receive and the way they receive them;
  • representative family members and the significant people in the life of the elderly person. We acknowledge the right of the person to determine the role these people play in their lives.
  • ensuring the continued financial viability of Cura;
  • developing and supporting Cura’s workforce including planning, building capacity as well as learning and growth;
  • ensuring ‘best practice’ and excellence in service provision;
  • transparent.