After you have been assigned a Home Care Package and you have chosen your service provider, your Home Care Subsidy will be paid to the provider.

The amount of funding will depend on the level of your Home Care Package and on your financial circumstances.

My Aged Care has a fee calculator to give you an idea what your fees might be: estimate fees for aged care services

There are two different fees that you might have to pay.

  • Basic daily fee

The basic daily fee that can be charged can be up to 17.5% of the basic Age Pension.

This fee is absolutely negotiable with CURA and is based on the balance of your budget.

  • Income tested fee

The income tested fee is based on you personal income and is conducted by Centrelink. To find out if you would be required to pay an income tested fee you can complete an income assessment form 

Finding your way through the different fees can be time consuming and difficult. Our team at CURA are happy to meet with you and explain in person.

For an obligation free visit, please phone us on 9382 1983.