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Ria’s story

Tuesday midday. My Cura helper has just left and the house looks lovely and clean again.

I have so many things to do. But the Crochet bug is biting so hard, so, yes I have decided..

On the Youtube I found so many lovely patterns for a poncho. And a tutorial too.

It did not take me long to fall in love with THE ONE.  I am going to make that one….

I have more hobbies. And one of them is emailing with overseas friends and relatives.

Yes, the computer is a life line for many elderly people. I wonder if the Government realises that.

I also like writing of my childhood. These things are still vibrant in my mind. Places, colours and even smells come to me. My parents had a deli shop and the smells of all the cheeses and sausages…Mmmmm…

Through Cura I also have help with the garden and next week the window cleaner will come.

I always have a guest for a cup of coffee Well, who could refuse a cup of Dutch Coffee?

No one ever does. As long as it is after 10.30 am  you are welcome too.

I have found my pacifyer, (in this case my crochet hook) so here I go …