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Client Advisory Group Meeting – 28th August 2019

We met for the second time for our client advisory group and had some new participants.

Issues that came up for discussion were:

  • Role of Support Workers
  • Taxi vouchers and how to use them
  • Police clearances of staff members
  • New aged care standards

The members of the group will have a look at their assessment papers and at the next meeting give feedback on what they would possibly like to add or change.

At the next group the Care Team will give information about the different levels of home care packages as requested by the members of the group.

While the purpose of the group is to advise Cura on how to provide services to our clients the way they want to, there is always time for some laughs and of course coffee and cake.

If you are a client of Cura and would like to join this group, please contact Annegret on 9382 1983.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday the 16th of October at 2pm.