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Volunteer Visitors Scheme

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) funded by the Australian Government provides regular visits to people who are socially isolated or at risk of loneliness.

Our ACVVS Volunteers provide companionship and friendship to aged care recipients living at home or in an aged care facility.
Visits may be one-on-one or in a group.

Any aged care recipient of a Home Care Package or anyone who has been approved, but not yet allocated a Home Care Package, may be referred to the ACVVS.

Referral could be from:
• A family member
• Friend
• Aged care provider
• Self-referral

CURA In-home Care has been providing volunteer visits for almost 30 years and while in the past we looked mainly after people from a Dutch/German background, we can provide a volunteer to anyone in need.

If you are interested in becoming part of our group of volunteers or if you would like one of our volunteers to visit you, please contact us on 08 9382 1983.

There is no charge to the recipient of these services.

The Aged Care Volunteer Visitors Scheme (ACVVS) is funded by the Australian Government.

They surprised me with a lovely, bubbly volunteer visitor, who we have named Miss Sunshine. What a treasure she is!
Ria, South Perth