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LiveLighter Seniors Activity Information Day – 3rd July 2019

It was a gorgeous day, beautiful facility and surroundings. Visitors/participants were in great spirits, very engaged and chatty. Two other Aged Care organisations/companies had a display. There were also some not-for-profit organisations like the Cancer Council; a booth which performed hearing checks; a company that sells frozen healthy food and much more.

Our “guess the liquorice twists” jar created lots of laughs and was a great conversation starter. Visitors were very happy with their prizes – our new, colourful collapsible shopping bags. Though, some visitors would have loved to dig into the lolly jar.

Visitors were very happy and chatty. It was a pleasure to see many of them so active, taking part in the games and activities like billiard tables, bowling, hover soccer, mini golf and much more.

All in all most of the visitors were still very fit and did not need any home support. Yet we pointed out that it is always good to know what support is around, not just for themselves but for other loved ones, family, friends or neighbours.