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My experience attending CURA’s first Client Advisory Group Meeting dated 19.06.2019

A few weeks ago I and several other clients of Cura received an invitation, if we would like to participate in the above mentioned meeting.

The aim of the meeting is to bring the clients and Cura together, by creating a feeling of belonging and having a say in the provider’s organisation. This may lead to how to improve and continue to give excellent personal care adjusted to the clients’ needs.

On the day seven clients attended the meeting, with a women majority, but it was also nice to see one male participant and three Cura staff members. There were some apologies from invited clients who were unable to attend. Transport was provided for us to participate.

At the Cura premises we were introduced to several office staff members and what position each one was responsible for. We were shown around the office, and then went to the meeting room, where we enjoyed a lovely afternoon tea in a homely surrounding and we soon relaxed and shared our experiences with our provider, which overall was very positive.

It was great that we could hear how Cura can offer their assistance to male clients, who often are reluctant to acknowledge that they could do with some assistance. This indicated that there is no gender discrimination in the Cura clientele.

We discussed several services that Cura is offering and how to promote those to other potential customers. We all do know people around us, who could benefit from some extra support, but for one reason or another are reluctant to ask for help.

I have been with Cura since 2016 and honestly I fully recommend this provider. I only wished that I utilised their services much earlier. Their In-home Care and external services are performed by trained staff and most of the time you will get the same person.  Confidentiality and Security are important and by being a client of Cura you will be welcomed and respected.

We appreciate any feedback and work towards the benefit of the clients.

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Matty Mentz